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I am living in these moments because even forever ain’t forever; and that’s truly something to think about imagine a never ending cycle of bliss upon impact you’re just falling into clouds. Looped… Thoughts springing, asking yourself useless questions.. A feeling to feel forever. Whatever Forever May be… Reality though. Define that. Reality & realistically … Continue reading Basking;

Almost 24..

It’s a few hours before 12am when I’ll officially be 24, as the time wind down so is my mood. Downward spiral, I’m not enthused and feeling mad antisocial… I guess as the day progresses it’ll probably get better and depending on how these few hours prior pan out I may even turn my phone … Continue reading Almost 24..

Wanderer. .

Do you guys sometimes feel like a wanderer? I mean not entirely in every sense of the word but.. Maybe someone who feels unfulfilled ever. It seems as though no matter how much you’ve done it’s always what’s next. A feeling of uneasiness; Living in the mind can be the worst thing I mean for … Continue reading Wanderer. .

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